Melinda Gallo

Expat writer and photographer
living in Florence.


Melinda Gallo

Originally from California, I have lived most of my adult life in Europe: France, England, and Italy.

After moving to Florence in 2004, I began my Living in Florence blog where I write about life in my beloved city. A few years ago, I started the Me, My Heart, and I blog where I share my reflections of life as an expat writer as well as my thoughts about other topics that inspire me.

Currently, I am focusing on a few writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy experiencing, photographing, and sharing the beauty I stumble upon.


I've written many articles for other websites and publications, like Global Living Magazine and Insiders Abroad.

In The Florentine, I interviewed many expats in Florence.

A few articles and interviews were written about me and my writing in Mindful Mavericks Magazine,, and many others.

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Florence Blog


I began my Living in Florence blog when I moved to Florence, Italy in 2004. In my blog, I recount life in "my beloved city" and how it inspires and nurtures me.

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Me, My Heart, and I


In the Me, My Heart, and I blog, I share my reflections of life as an expat and writer.

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Messages from Florence

Sunset behind Ponte Vecchio
An abundance of beauty awaits you.
Piazza Santa Croce
Capture the fullness of a single moment.
Duomo from afar
Let beauty present itself to you.