Here are my articles published for other websites and publications:

Gifts of the Expat Life — Global Living Magazine

In this article, I wrote about the many gifts I received having been an expat for most of my adult life. You can read my Gifts of the Expat Life article on the Global Living Magazine website.

Expat Life Is... — HSBC's Expat Explorer

I was selected to write a blog post about what expat life was to me based on the results of a survey of more than 16,000 expats. You can read my Expat Life Is... article on the HSBC's Expat Explorer website.

Home, Solitude, Happiness — Twelve Months, Twelve Writers, Twelve Stories

I was invited to share my story based on three words I was given, which were home, solitude, and happiness. This article can be found on the Writer in Florence website.

Learning the Local Language — Insiders Abroad

When you are an expat, there are so many benefits to learning the local language while living abroad.

Guest Blogger Series — Expat Explorer

In the Guest Blogger Series article, I write about how being an expat increases your curiosity, courageousness, patience, sincerity, and faith.

Reasons we become expats — Insiders Abroad

The Reasons we become expats article describes the five reasons we become expats: Work, Adventure, Relationships, and Escape.

Immersing yourself in Florence — Tuscan Feeling

Immersing yourself in Florence discusses the different areas of Florence and how the city must be experienced with all your senses.

Travel tips for Florence

A few of travel tips were published in Gigi Griffis's ITALY: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat, and How to Fit In guidebook.

Florence is Where My Heart is

Florence is Where My Heart is on Guest post on Dorkys Ramos's blog "Dry as Toast".

The Florentine — Expats in Florence

Created and wrote a column about the interesting and inspiring Expats in Florence in The Florentine from 2009 to 2011.

Lifestyle and Shopping in Florence & Moving to Florence

Here's an article in Expat Arrivals about Lifestyle and Shopping in Florence and another article for future expats about Moving to Florence.

American Expat Bloggers on Italian Movies — Focus Features

In the Five in Focus article, I elected five films depicting life in Italy and and gave a brief review of each one.

Book Review of L'unità debole — The Florentine

A book review about the first American ambassador living in Florence.

Other Articles on Medium

I also write many articles on Medium about a variety of subjects..