Cioccolata calda...con pepperoncino

Each time we get invited to someone's place for dinner, we buy chocolates at this little place called "Vestri" at the end of Borgo degli Albizi. I noticed that they sell hot chocolates, but normally we come before going out to dinner and could never get one. Finally, during our holiday window shopping, we decided to stop by and try it.

Living in Florence :: Cioccolata calda...con pepperoncino

The Japanese girl looked at me and said, "Can I help you?" Feeling a bit surprised by her question in English, I told her, "Sė, mi da' una cioccolata piccola." (Yes, please give me a small hot chocolate.) Startled by my response (I'm assuming that she thought I was not Italian and couldn't speak Italian.) She asked me if I wanted anything on it and pointed up to the sign behind her. "Pepperoncino per favore." (Italian pepper please)

She told me to mix it up well and I stepped outside and sat on the bench with Dave. It was so delicious, I didn't want it to end. Dave liked it as well, but not as much as me; he loves chocolate that he can eat and I love chocolate that I can drink.

I'm certain that we'll be back, it is only about 4 blocks from our house. And even when it's cold, it's worth the trip.

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