Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Living in Florence :: Welcoming autumn in Florence

As fall arrives, the temperatures are lower, the light is cooler, and the air is milder. Florence adapts to a new rhythm. On some days, fewer people roam the streets and on other days, the streets are bustling with crowds of people arriving in the morning and leaving before sunset. Besides heading to the gardens and San Miniato al Monte, the sunsets offer much tranquility and delight. Between the golden light and the blue hour, the sun splashes vibrant colors across the sky at sunset. To breathe in the riverscape from a bridge or the cityscape from afar is a pleasure I indulge in whenever I can.

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Living in Florence :: Basking in Florence’s embrace

August was a month full of ups and down. We had our hottest days and our mildest ones of the summer. Retreating from the sultry weather and the throngs of people navigating the city was necessary. I found solace in watching sunsets along the Arno and walking through the gardens, admiring Mother Nature’s gifts. In these tranquil moments, I basked in Florence’s gentle embrace.

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