Saying goodbye...for now

We woke up to a beautiful, clear, and sunny day. We had breakfast at an outside bar in the campo near our house. We walked through the calli (alleys/narrow passages) and out to the Canal Grande to look at it one more time. As we walked around the church, the bells of San Marco chimed so cheerfully.

Living in Florence :: Saying goodbye...for now

It is the water that makes Venice so enchanting for me. How it flows in and out of the city so effortlessly, like blood flowing through the heart. And to me, Venice is the heart of Italy. The heart because it emanates love and warmth and joy.

I have fallen deeply in love with this city; I love all that it is and all that it has.

The only things in Venice that can make you feel stressed are those things that you allow yourself to get stressed out about. Everywhere we went people were kind and welcoming. No one was rude or impatient. It felt almost unreal at times. But, people in Venice are happy and truly love their city. I told one woman that I'd love to live here and she responded, "Si deve amare Venezia per vivere a Venezia." (You must love Venice to live in Venice.)

And she is right. There are inconveniences, like you really can't be in a rush to get anywhere because you either have to walk or take a vaporetto (water bus), which is never fast or on time.

I almost cried as we arrived at the train station. The same place that filled me with such joy a few days earlier now saddened me because it marked the end of our weekend trip to Venice. But, as we leave, I know that we will return. So, "Arrivederci per ora Venezia!" (So long for now, Venice!)

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