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Today we walked around the Dorsoduro area and visited the Guggenheim museum. I took a picture of it from the Accademia bridge (it's the flat white building on the right). We were able to look at Peggy Guggenheim's collection of modern art with works from Pollock, Klee, Pegeen, and many others. We even saw her grave in the museum's front garden.

Living in Florence :: Tourists and Art

We had to set the alarm to wake up early because the man at the hotel said breakfast was from 8 to 9:30AM. I was almost afraid that he'd call us if we didn't make it there in time. In the end, we decided to go out to an outdoor bar and sit there with our coffees and pastries. We're in Venice so why would we sit in a cooped up in a room with no view? We preferred to sit in Campo San Stefano and watch everyone who was walking by.

It's interesting how many different nationalities come to Venice: the French had their green Michelin guides, the Japanese had umbrellas to protect them from the hot sun, the Americans with Rick Steve's latest book, and many, many others. Almost one person in every group had a camera around his/her neck. You definitely can't visit Venice without taking pictures.

You can't avoid the water in Venice. We take the vaporetto to go long distances and walk over many bridges, big and small. There aren't any canals that close the hotel and yet I felt as if I were rocking back and forth even though I was just sitting on the bed in our room.

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