La Rinascente

Dave and I decided to take a walk downtown today. I thought I should bring my camera to take a few pictures, but I always feel awkward doing it in the town I live in. I know that sounds silly, but I don't like appearing like a tourist when I'm not, which is probably why I take lots of pictures when I go anywhere else and hardly ever in Florence.

Living in Florence :: La Rinascente

We went looking for a few things for our apartment even though we're hoping to move. We loved having such a big kitchen in Corsica and so we decided to get some things we've been wanting to get, like more glasses and a new frying pan.

We went to the top of La Rinascente (the department store at Piazza Repubblica) and had a drink. The picture shown here I took from the terrace. It's really lovely up there because not many people know about it and it's hardly ever crowded.

From up above, the town looks as lovely as ever!

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