A Saturday stroll to the market

Today I went to the market more as a tourist than as a shopper. First off, I brought my camera because I felt I should take a picture of the place I go to so often. And second, it's even more exciting on Saturdays when loads of people come, tourists and locals alike.

Living in Florence :: A Saturday stroll to the market

It was a great day, warmer than it has been this past week. The sun was out and people were shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, and meats.

It was interesting to go for once to just be a spectator. I walked around and checked out all the other stands that I normally just walk by. The people who work at the market seemed busier than normal. When I go during the week, they generally stand back and wait for customers until it's about closing time and then they try to sell off whatever they can quickly.

On Saturdays, they yell out their prices and also tell everyone how beautiful their porcini (porcini mushrooms) are. They call out to people to try their cheeses and offer great prices at the same time.

More seems to happen on Saturdays and I usually miss it since I don't like the crowds. I hate having to fight my way to the front of the fruit/vegetable stand and try to figure out who I came before and/or after. It's too much stress for a Saturday.

When I go to the market, I go to the same vendors and patiently wait my turn. They seem to keep a better eye on me than I do on everyone else at the same stand.

I didn't even go inside the market building which I was standing in front of when I took the picture. It was even busier in there and all the people I see who work during the week are exhausted by Saturday.

I ended up buying a few plants and some flowers for our house. During the week, it's difficult for me to lug all my groceries and plants around, so today was perfect for that!

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