Che vento oggi!

After lunch, I went for a walk to see my friend Simone at his restaurant. He told me that he'd be there early because he was changing the menu again. Since I didn't go to the gym this morning due to working late and getting up late, I decided to walk to Simone's restaurant.

Living in Florence :: Che vento oggi!

Instead of walking through Piazza della Signoria and bumping into everyone along the way, I decided to cross the Ponte alle Grazie. I was surprised to see the water in the Arno so high and rushing quickly by. Normally, it seems to inch by.

I got to the middle of the bridge and took a picture of the Ponte Vecchio while the wind rushed past me and blew my hair in every direction. I was happy to be bundled up, but I had wished I'd brought a hat. I had to cross my arms tightly across my stomach to keep the wind from blowing my purse and scarf around. I couldn't wait to get to Via Guiccardini (the road that leads from Ponte Vecchio to Piazza Pitti) so that the buildings would block some of the wind. However, with the main road also came more people for me to weave in and out of.

Simone and I haven't talked much since he's either busy cooking when we come to eat or he's rushing to get to his restaurant when he pops by our place. He's missing his apartment and said that he'd like to move back in by October next year. That gives us some more time. I have been looking on Internet for another apartment, but I haven't seen anything for us.

Some places are too small, some too dark, some don't have elevators, and some are just not in the right area. It's so nice to look via Internet so I can see the pictures, read the descriptions and check out the layout.

Now that we have more time, Simone has offered to take us both to Ikea next week to get a few more things for the house. I desperately need an office chair as I've been putting it off for too long.

Once I left Simone's restaurant, the sun had already set. The winter days are now so short. I walked back home by way of the Ponta S. Trinità and through downtown. I looked out at the Ponte Vecchio, which was all lit up. I tried to take a picture, but it ended up a little blurry. I'm keeping it as a souvenir because it was such a beautiful sight with the moonlight peeking through the dark clouds and onto the Arno.

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