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Dave and I finally got to go to the movies here in Florence this afternoon at the Odeon (the only theater in Florence where they play the movies in English). They haven't been showing any English (or as they say "Original Sound") movies since before Christmas. It's highly unusual that a movie theater is closed during Christmas time since that is when so many new movies start playing. During Christmas time, Italians go to the movie theaters in droves.

Living in Florence :: Parole d'amore

We swiftly walked through town. The cold wind whipping past us and tempting us to practically run. It didn't look that cold from the windows. A clear blue sky with the sun shining.

We went to see "Bee Season," which is translated in Italy as "Parole d'amore." I haven't seen an Italian movie at the theaters with Dave in a long time. Our friend, Gianluca, dragged us to see "Saw" last year, which didn't need much translation for Dave. The only one I do want to see is "Melissa P." because I read her book almost a year ago. Since we have Sky (the TV satellite company), I usually just wait for all the Italian movies to come on and watch them then.

There weren't very many of us at the theater at the 3 o'clock showing. I can't usually go much later because I work with many of my US clients later in the evening.

During the first half of the movie, no one was talking. I was enjoying the film in almost complete silence except for us eating our caramel popcorn. No murmuring, no talking, and no cell phones. It was almost unprecedented. That is, until the second half of the movie. We had our intervallo (intermission), which was quite short, and then the movie started up again.

Maybe it was the spelling bee contests that were being shown on screen or the characters that seemed a little confusing at times, but one older American couple sitting across the aisle from us began to talk. Not whispering to each other or speaking softly. Talking. At one point, the girl in the movie is asked to spell the word "origami." The older man must have thought he was in the contest as well and shouted out the last letter of the word (which was incorrect).

Now that the Odeon theater is open, Dave and I have planned to see many more new movies. I think we have at least two movies a week for the next few months!

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