Ancora al cinema

I love the movies. I love everything about them. And, I especially love going to the theater to see them. This afternoon, we went to the Odeon to see "Rumor has it..." At the Odeon, they show three different movies a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We already came to the theater on Monday and went again today. Although Dave went on Tuesday by himself as I couldn't bring myself to watch "A History of Violence."

Living in Florence :: Ancora al cinema

We have an abbonamento (subscription card) for eight admissions, which costs only 36 Euros (instead of 54 Euros). We put ours to good use and we already used up our first abbonamento.

Once we got inside, we headed for the bar to buy snacks: caramel corn, a bottle of water, and a beer for Dave. The man who normally tends bar and doesn't smile a lot about it was on the phone. We stood at the bar while other customers began to arrive, make their selections, and wait behind us.

For the first time, we decided to sit upstairs balcony. The seats were much less comfortable and the leg room was lacking. We squeaked when we would reposition ourselves in our seats. At first, we were sitting in the front row, but the railing was in our way. We moved back a row and still felt even more cramped. The seats were quite steep so when I looked back, I was eye-level with the bottom cushion of the seat.

After the movie finished, we checked out the other rows to see if they were all as narrow and we found one row that wasn't. So, the next time we go back, we'll be heading straight for the wider row. It's nice to be able to cross your legs and not have to tuck your knees to your chest to do so.

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