Marzo pazzarello

"Marzo, marzo, pazzarello, se non c' il sole apri l'ombrello," is a detto (saying) that an Italian girl in the locker room at the gym said today. So, basically, it says, "March is capricious, if there's no sun, bring an umbrella)." This morning at 8AM, we all woke up to a beautiful sunny and clear day. "Un'ora dopo, sono venute le nuvole e poi piovuto," (An hour later, it was cloudy and then it rained) the girl continued. With weather like this, it's hard to know how to dress in the morning. Anything can and does happen...especially in March.

Living in Florence :: Marzo  pazzarello

I haven't been outside much except to go to the gym in the morning. The other day, I walked past Santa Croce and took a picture of Dante after it rained and then cleared up. As most people say, "Non sembra tanto felice, Dante." (He doesn't look that happy, Dante). And these days, it doesn't seem most people are happy with the weather.

The girls continued to talk about how the weather is driving them crazy because they don't know what to wear and if they should bring an umbrella or not. As one of the girls pointed out, "Non ancora la primavera. solo marzo!" (It's not spring yet. It's only March).

Each time I go to the gym, there seem to be new people there. There are a few "regulars," like most of the older Italian women I see in the locker room. But all the other younger girls, who appear to be students, change all the time. I see probably only one girl I recognize each time I go. The guys seem to always be the same ones. They appear to be the tried and true regulars.

When I arrived at the gym this morning, it was clearing up, but by the time I left, it was raining again. Then, when I went back out to go to the mercato, the sun came back out. All day it has been sunny one minute and rainy the next. Marzo pazzarello! (March is capricious).

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