What market is this?

I went through Piazza Santa Croce on the way back from visiting another apartment near Santo Spirito. When I looked around at the stands at the mercato (market), I realized that it might not be the annual German one that I thought it was. This mercato seems to extend alongside the Santa Croce church and has many different items for sale besides the few German typical ones.

Living in Florence :: What market is this?

I was surprised to see that even though it rained most of the evening and night yesterday that they were able to get the entire mercato set up and ready for business by this morning.

I walked through the mercato at around 1PM when people were buying food and perusing the various stands. Because the trademark merry-go-round bar is not there this year, I'm thinking that maybe this mercatois different. Besides, it's a little early for a Christmas market.

There were a lot of German vendors as you can see by the sign in the picture that says that they're selling sausages from Germany. I had to quickly go through the mercato, but I did see a few stands selling jewelry, crystals, and toys.

I'll be going back through the mercato again this weekend as long as it doesn't rain too much. Because it's not the German mercato I don't know when it's going to end. I'm looking forward to eating a crÍpe with Nutella and banana sitting on the steps in front of Santa Croce.

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