Three real estate agents, five apartments, and a church

I am literally exhausted now having walked around the entire city twice today to look at five different apartments. My entire day was filled with one appointment after another. What's odd is that it only takes a few minutes to view an apartment, but the walking to and from is what takes up so much time.

Living in Florence :: Three real estate agents, five apartments, and a church

I saw a few nice places and will go back to them to show Dave to see if he likes any of them. He told me today that I'm the picky one and make him look like he's the picky one and I might have to give him that one. I guess that's why I'm the one going to all these visits in the first place.

To start my day, I had an appointement at 11AM in Borgo Pinti. Then, the agente and I walked through town and over the Ponte Vecchio to Via Bardi where we saw an apartment that overlooked the Arno.

I walked back to Borgo degli Albizi to his office and made a few more appointments for Saturday, went to Dave's Italian school to go for lunch, and because it started to rain, we had to go home so I could change jackets.

We had lunch in a small trattoria behind via dei Neri that he likes and ate quickly. I quickly walked down to via Romana, which is after Palazzo Pitti, to see another apartment with another agente. It had an area that looked out onto Bellosguardo, which was fascinating. The problem was that the rest of the apartment had only three windows and low ceilings.

The agente took me to another apartment in Piazza Santo Spirito, which I liked except it was right over a bar. Being on the first floor meant that all the smoke would rise into the apartment.

I left the agente and walked alone over to Piazza Santissima Annunziata for another appointment with another agente. Because I arrived early, I went to a Robiglio, which is a pasticceria (pastry shop) in via dei Servi. I had an incredible cappuccino there that was piping hot with milk that was richer than what I've been served in other places.

After visiting the apartment, I popped into the Santissima Annunziata church, which I had never visited before ever. I used to walk past it all the time, but one time it was raining and I fell flat on my face on the slippery marble. I thought that maybe the church didn't like me and never wanted to press my luck and venture inside.

I was amazed at how incredibly large and beautiful it was inside. The picture here is from the outside on the others side of the piazza.

Afterwards, I walked all the way home. When I arrived in our apartment, I was happy to get off of my feet and just sit in front of my computer. Because I had already planned to go to Simone's restaurant for dinner, Il Canapone, we walked back to Santo Spirito.

I tried to eat slowly as all I could think about was having to walk back home. When we left the restaurant, we walked over Ponte Trinità at a slow pace. We both noticed that the Ponte Vecchio was lit up with different colored lights. The Ponte Vecchio went from red to orange, then from blue to purple, and then from green to yellow. Our favorite color was the purple as it looked so beautiful. I tried to take pictures, but was obviously too tired to think and nothing got saved to my camera. I'll have to go back some evening and try again.

I'm actually happy that I don't have any apartments to visit tomorrow; I need to save up my energy for Saturday when we have appointments with two different agenti to visit even more apartments than today. The first agente did offer to loan us bicycles, but I'm not too keen on that idea. With the crowded streets, crazy drivers, and other bicyclists, I'd rather be exhausted than injured.

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