Il Porcellino

After our movie and dinner tonight, Dave and I walked through town to go home. From Ponte Vecchio, I usually walk to Piazza della Signoria, down via Calzaiuoli to the Duomo, walk behind it, and then turn on via dei Servi to our piazza. But, tonight, we decided to walk toward Piazza della Repubblica for a change.

Living in Florence :: Il Porcellino

It was quite pleasant to be outside at 11PM. The air was a little chilly, but not as bitterly cold as it was last year when our ears almost fell off after being outside for only a few minutes.

We reached the Loggia del mercato nuovo, which is usually bustling, and I had to stop. I was so enchanted with Il Porcellino under the loggia that I had to snap a photo. During the day, the mercato is usually crowded with vendors selling scarves, purses, and other knick-knacks, and tourists looking around trying to find a bargain.

The streets in the centro storico were rather quiet with the exception of the opera singer singing in Piazza della Repubblica. There was a large crowd in the piazza, so we turned beforehand and walked past the Orsanmichele church.

I admit that I did a little bit of window shopping as the two months of saldi (sales) began last week. Evenings are made for that as all the shops leave their lights on and you can't help but look.

Walking the city streets at night is a treat: there are fewer people out, the shops are closed, and many of the monuments look even more exquisite when the lights are on them.

As we turned the corner to walk down via Calzaiuoli, we turned on via delle Oche to get a gelato at Grom. We ate our gelati as we strolled alongside the Duomo and I felt as if I was dreaming. I have seen the Duomo thousands of times and I am still impressed by its beauty and grandiosity. I wanted to reach out and slide my hand up against the Duomo to make sure it was real, but I was afraid that if I did, I might just wake myself up from my dream.

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