New month, new hair, and a new attitude

I dragged myself out of the house today to get a spuntata (trim) at my parrucchiere (hairdresser's). I walked past the San Marco church and took a picture of it now that the scaffolding has been finally removed. I forgot how beautiful it really is. We've had some strange weather here lately. On Tuesday we had a bright and warm sun out, and then Wednesday the temperatures dropped drastically. Today, it was mild outside, but not as sunny as I was hoping.

Living in Florence :: New month, new hair, and a new attitude

When I arrived at the parrucchiere, my parrucchiere took one look at my wavy hair and said with a smirk, "Non c'č tanto vento fuori." (There's not that much wind out there.) From that, I understood that he didn't like my hair at all. When I sat down and looked at my hair in the mirror, I thought it looks full, but not that bad. He came over while his client was on his cellphone and said, "Vuoi sempre far crescere i tuoi capelli?" (Do you still want to grow out your hair?) He smiled, shaking his head at me. "Forse no..." (Maybe not), I said.

He pulled out a book and showed me a picture of Victoria Beckham with shorter hair in the back and long wispy hair in the front. "Sarō una Spice Girl?" (Will I be a Spice Girl?), I asked. He laughed and said, "Non ti piacerebbe?" (Wouldn't you like that?) He went back to his client and said, "Pensaci." (Think about it.)

The girl who works on my hair before the parrucchiere is usually quiet. When she saw me walk in today, she said, "Ciao, Melinda, come stai?" (Hi, Melinda, how are you?). The last two times I've been there, she used Lei (formal you). She asked me where I was going tonight. "Non faccio programmi prima di uscire." (I don't make plans before I go out.), I said. "Nemmen'io." (Me neither). I asked her what she likes to do, which are usually the same answers all my Italian friends have: go out for pizza and hang out at a bar to talk afterwards. She even offered me a coffee today, which they've never asked me if I wanted one before.

My parrucchiere, who now also cuts Dave's hair as well, asked me, "Allora hai deciso? Vuoi i capelli di Victoria Beckham?" (So have you decided? Do you want Victoria Beckham's hair?) "Posso anche avere il suo marito?" (Can I have her husband too?), I asked. He looked at me and said, "Stai attenta...ora conosco il tuo marito." (Be careful...I know your husband now.)

I let my parrucchiere cut his hair the way he thought would be best. We talked about food and it turns out that he loves to cook dolci (desserts) like me. He now wants my recipes for tiramisų and bignč (cream puffs). I kept talking about dolci because when I start, I have a hard time stopping. "Basta, Melinda...sono quasi le quattro, l'ora della merenda, e non ne posso pių!" (Enough,'s almost four o'clock, snack time, and I can't take it any more!). We both laughed and I told him, "La prossima volta ti porto un dolcino." (Next time, I'll bring you a dessert.)

As he finished up my hair, he said, "Tu sei la cliente ideale. Ti do il mio parere, ci pensi e dopo l'accetti." (You are the ideal client. I give you my opinion, you think about it and then you accept it.) "Mi fido ti te." (I trust you.), I said. Although when he took the rasoio (razor) out, I did get a little nervous.

In the end, I like my new haircut and had a great time at the parrucchiere today. My parrucchiere is a true fiorentino in that he is very giocoso (playful). I was happy that I went today because I was feeling a little low these past few days. So, new month, new hair, and a new attitude!

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