Giardini e cortili aperti a tutti

Every year many palazzi (palaces) and giardini privati (private gardens) in Florence open their doors to let others visit them for one day. The Toscana Esclusiva gave a list of all of the places that were open for the day. Because of the heat, I didn't want to walk around too much so I decided to go to the closest one to my apartment. And, I couldn't possibly find one any closer than the one in my own piazza.

Living in Florence :: Giardini e cortili aperti a tutti

I walked in through the portone (front door) and said hello to the woman sitting at the table with the booklets and offerta (offering) box. I went through a few glass doors and out into the small, but lush garden. They had a small fish pond in the ground, which was quite unique. In the back was the fountain whose picture is shown here. I was amazed that such a lovely, quiet place could be found behind the doors of this palazzo. It's one of the things I love about Italy in general. That no matter what a building's exterior is like, the interior might still be surprisingly beautiful.

I've been thinking about how much I love my piazza for the past few weeks and how it almost pains me to leave it. But today with a large gathering in the piazza and the tons of people sitting on the steps in front of my building, I couldn't wait to move to a new place. Something a little quieter and more serene.

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