Una grandinata estiva

We've had a rather dry and mild winter this year. It was so dry that people were talking about rationing water to the point of having it be turned off at certain times of the day. But, today that might have all changed as it rained and hailed for many hours. I tried to show how hard and vertical the rain and hail were falling in my picture of the buildings across the street, but it might not be that clear.

Living in Florence :: Una grandinata estiva

Our weather has been a bit quirky these past few weeks. Sometimes it's hot and sunny and other times it's cooler and wet. This morning it was rather warm, but a little heavy and humid. Before lunchtime, the sun came out, and it felt like summer had finally arrived. I felt a cool breeze when I went out in the afternoon and noticed the dark clouds covering the sky.

Suddenly, I heard thunder and saw lightning outside while I was working at my desk. I thought I could leave the windows open a little to let in some cool air, but once the grandinata (hailstorm) began, water began to fly into the apartment at an amazing speed. I had to run around the apartment closing the windows. One of the windows was leaking because the rain was hitting it just right. I had to place a bunch of towels on the wood floor and a few bowls to catch the drops.

Within a few hours, the rain slowed down to a light sprinkle. The temperatures dropped a little bit, which is refreshing. I'm pretty certain that this summer will be hot, so I'm trying to enjoy the cool temperatures as much as I can by leaving the windows most of the time.

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