Terme Negombro

When Alessandro told me that Ischia was famous for its terme (thermal spas), I couldn't wait. It's not like we don't have any terme in Tuscany, but I've been wanting to go for a long time. A girlfriend of mine goes quite often and keeps telling me how wonderful they are. This morning, after I did some work, we hopped on a bus to go to Terme Negombo, which is located to the west of Casamicciola.

Living in Florence :: Terme Negombro

I didn't read up about Terme Negombo before we arrived in Ischia, but Alessandro asked around and his friends said it was their favorite terme on the island.

We arrived at a quarter to 1PM and saw quite a few people waiting around the biglietteria (ticket office). Alessandro grabbed my arm before I walked up to the woman to buy our tickets. He showed me the sign where it said that the price is a little lower after 1PM.

When we entered into the parco (park), there were people walking around in bathing suits, lying down on chaise lounges, talking on cell phones, and facendo il bagno (having a swim).

We walked up to the top of the terme and began with the hot pools. We tried all of the different pools and springs on the trail. From hot springs to cold springs. We were a little tired afterwards, so we put our feet in the Mediterranean Sea because it had been at least a year since I even went to the sea. We sat alongside the pool that looked out onto the Mediterranean where I took the picture.

As the sun began to set, people began to disappear. We picked up our belongings and walked to Lacco Ameno. Many shops were open and the shopkeepers were standing outside watching all of us tourists walk by. There weren't a lot of tourists as it is the end of summer. It was a pleasant evening and we walked to the bus stop at the edge of town to go back to Casamicciola.

We must have been pretty relaxed after the terme, so we went to our hotel's restaurant Seaside where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner along the sea. We didn't sit out on the outside table because the evening breeze was quite cool.

I enjoyed our first full day in Ischia and our trip to the terme. I'm hoping to go to the terme in Tuscany some day.

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