Reunited in San Francisco

I arrived at noon today and went to pick up Alessandro at my friend Rich's apartment in San Francisco. I wanted Alessandro to stay in San Francisco because I thought it would be awkward to have him meet my family without me. I was looking at other hotels in the city, but Rich was kind enough to offer his apartment for the night. I took the picture from the roof of Rich's building.

Living in Florence :: Reunited in San Francisco

I drove up to Rich's building and called him when I got to his street. Alessandro and Rich both came out to help me put the car in his garage. I was so happy to see Alessandro and my friend Rich. I hadn't seen Rich in a long time because my visits to the States are usually so brief that I don't have time to go to San Francisco to visit.

We had lunch with Rich down the street from his apartment. Over lunch, each one told me what they did in the morning. When Alessandro arrived yesterday, it was raining and he didn't get to see much of the city. Before I arrived, Rich woke him up and drove him on his motorcycle to see some of the sights. They had a good time even though Rich doesn't speak Italian and Alessandro speaks only a little English.

After lunch, I took the 280 freeway down to my sister's house in Los Gatos. They had planned a birthday dinner for me and because they hadn't yet met Alessandro, I wanted to get to their house a little earlier to introduce everyone.

We had a spectacular dinner at a restaurant in Woodside with my sister and her family. When we got home from the dinner, they gave me a huge box with many wonderful gifts. The most special one was a scrapbook my niece and sister made with pictures, poems, and other trinkets. It took them at least a month to put it all together, and it will always be one of my most treasured items.

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