Enjoying the view

After lunch today at Zoe's with my friend Shannon, I walked up to Piazzale Michelangiolo to take a few pictures. I hadn't gone up there since last summer and when I looked up at San Miniato yesterday when I went running, I thought about the view of Florence from up there and how I hadn't seen it in a while. Lately, the weather has been a bit chilly, but not rainy, so I thought it would be a good day to go up.

Living in Florence :: Enjoying the view

I left my bici (bike) in San Niccolò and walked through the porta (door) and up the stairs to Piazzale Michelangiolo. I had thought about riding my bici up there, but it seemed too cold to do so. Besides being shorter to take the stairs, it was also quite relaxing. I wished that I had taken a picture of the stairs because they were completely empty and it was quite beautiful.

When I arrived up to the piazzale, there were a few street vendors standing in the sun with posters, handbags, and other items on white sheets in front of them to sell. I walked past them and up to the edge of the piazzale and leaned on the wall. I snapped a few pictures, but when I looked at them on the screen, I didn't feel that they were very good.

I walked down the wide, stone steps that face the city to take some shots from the small terrazza (terrace) below the piazzale. I didn't see many people out as the sun was slowly setting and the wind was picking up.

I looked at those shots as well, but I wasn't pleased with them either so I decided to walk back down to San Niccolò to get my bici and go home. On the stairs down, I suddenly saw a nice view of the Duomo and felt the desire to snap a picture, which I included here.

I enjoyed walking up to Piazzale Michelangiolo today and what I learned is that maybe I'm not supposed to make plans to take pictures, but just take in my city and admire her. And, to only take photos when I'm inspired to do so.

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