Christmas is getting closer

Ever since I've moved to Florence, the Mercato di Natale (Christmas Market) that comes to Piazza Santa Croce each year always makes me feel that Christmas is right around the corner. For many of my American friends, it was the day after Thanksgiving that signaled the beginning of the Christmas season. But since I've lived out of the US for a while, I don't get into a festive mood until I see other things, like decorated shop windows and lights strung across the streets.

Living in Florence :: Christmas is getting closer

I went to the Mercato di Natale last week as soon as it opened and had lunch with my friend Haruko. I quickly glanced at a few of the stands as we walked by, and recognized many of them from last year. Even some of the same people were working again this year. I had wanted to take a picture of the Mercato di Natale last week because I enjoy it, but it seems even more festive at night.

This evening as I was walking home, I stood across the street from the Mercato di Natale on via dei Benci and tried to find a good spot to take a picture that included both the market and the church. I pulled my macchina fotografica (camera) out of my purse and turned it on. I waited for a girl who was on her bicicletta (bicycle) to move out of the way. And when there weren't any cars going by, I snapped a few photos.

My next stop will be the Piazza Repubblica where they always have a huge albero di Natale (Christmas tree). When I see that, then I know for sure that Christmas is right around the corner.

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