An unplanned visit to Piazza Santa Croce

This morning I had a meeting with a friend to go and write together in the new biblioteca (library) on via dell'Oriuolo called Biblioteca delle Oblate. I had been looking forward to today because it's always fun to write with someone else and I had never been into this new biblioteca before. I'm not fond of making plans too far in advance because they rarely work out exactly as I had planned them. And, like most people, I prefer surprises to disappointments.

Living in Florence :: An unplanned visit to Piazza Santa Croce

I waited for my friend in front of Vivoli, the well-known gelateria (ice cream shop). Because most people go there for gelato (ice cream) and not coffee, it's usually rather quiet in the morning.

I stood outside for at least a quarter of an hour before calling her cell phone. She didn't answer and instead of being too disappointed, I decided to walk to my favorite pasticceria (pastry shop) Patrizio Cosi in Borgo degli Albizi and treat myself to a bombolone con crema (cream filled raised donut) and a cappuccino.

After still not hearing from my friend, I walked to the biblioteca to go and write by myself. I walked in and opened a door on the ground floor, which I believed was the entrance. The woman behind the long, wooden desk informed me that the biblioteca was closed today and that its entrance is on the first floor.

I walked out and headed toward Piazza Santa Croce. The sun was shining brightly and because it's one of the only piazze with benches, I decided to go there to sit outside.

I sat facing the church and listening to three men play various instruments. I enjoyed the sun warming me up and ended up not writing. I couldn't help contemplating the church and watching the people as they took pictures of the church and walked through the piazza.

Before I headed home, I walked up to Dante's statue at the front of the church and decided to take a few pictures of him. I love the way he stares out over the piazza even though his stern expression can be quite intimidating.

In the end, I was happy that my plans were out of my hands because I was able to sit in the piazza to appreciate and enjoy my city. I couldn't have planned a nicer morning.

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