Eating food from the stands

All up and down the main street that takes us from our hotel to the beach and then along the beach, there are stands that make and sell food. These stands are attached to scooters that they use to transport the stand in and out of its parked location on the street.

Living in Florence :: Eating food from the stands

I went to many of them to get many different things, like fresh fruit shakes, fried chicken, sticky rice, pad thai (Thai rice noodle dish), and steamed coconut flans.

Almost every day, we got fresh fruit shakes, which are made with sliced fresh fruit, like mangoes, pineapple, papaya, lemon, and coconut. They placed the fruit in a blender with ice and some sugar water. They blended it so it well and poured it in a clear plastic cup and placed a straw in it. The price for each one was usually about 25 bhat, which is half a Euro.

If we went to the beach, we'd go to the fresh fruit stand and the woman would slice up fresh fruit for us and stick it in a container. The mangoes and pineapple were incredibly sweet. Alessandro bought a coconut once and drank the milk from it. And, when he was done, the woman opened it up, gave him a spoon, and he ate the coconut inside. I used to not like fresh coconut before, but it was more delicious than any coconut I'd ever tasted.

A few times, we didn't feel like going out to eat, so we ordered a pad thai from one stand that makes only pad thai and fried rice. I walked up to the stand, said hello to the man, and ordered my pad thai. He asked me only one question, "Chicken?"

I watched him as he poured oil into the wok that was on a large bunsen burner. He pulled the noodles out of a bag, and sauteed them. He added different ingredients like bean sprouts, various sauces from different bottles, egg, and tofu.

Within a few minutes, he slid my pad thai into a styrofoam container. The woman who helped him placed fresh green onions on top along with a slice of lime inside the container. She put the container in a bag along with wooden chopsticks. I handed the woman my 35 bhat, which is not even 1 Euro.

I stepped over to the stand next to him and ordered a mango shake, which was a great dessert to go with my pad thai. Later in the afternoon, I'd go to another woman's stand who sold fried pancakes, like crÍpes. I often ordered a fried pancake with banana and chocolate on top. She had balls of dough prepared that she rolled out with her hand, placed some butter in her skillet, and fried it up while she sliced the banana.

She closed the fried pancake so it was a square, turned it over and fried it some more. She placed it on a paper plate and drizzled chocolate on top of it. She cut it up for me and stuck a toothpick in one of them. It was an inexpensive dessert for 25 bhat.

It was always inexpensive to eat this way in the streets of Krabi, but it was also very delicious. We went to many of these local food stands during our stay in Krabi and after a few visits to different ones, I had decided on which ones were my favorite.

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