Chicken Island

We took a long-tail boat to Chicken Island, which is off the coast of Ao Nang beach today. When we were in front of the woman at the ticket booth about how to get to the island that is across the beach from us, she pointed to the photos of the various islands and beaches around. We chose Chicken Island because we saw that there was a short distance between that island and Tup Island and we were told we could visit both of them.

Living in Florence :: Chicken Island

We bought our round trip tickets for 600 bhat (about 13 Euros) each and waited in the designated area to wait for a long-tail boat to take us. We were the first two to arrive and within a few minutes seven other people arrived, which was the minimum, and the guy who would take us in the boat called us all to follow him.

We walked along the beach and he pulled his long-tail boat closer to us. I waded through the water, which was up to my knees, and put one foot on the boat to swing the rest of my body on board. The entire boat swayed to one side and I quickly went to the other side so that I could balance out the weight for the next person getting on.

We dropped off one couple at Poda Island, five other people on Tup Island, and we got off at Chicken Island. The guy who took us out there gave us an appointment at 3 p.m. to go back to Ao Nang so we could pick up the others. He told us the number of the boat and showed us his t-shirt, which also had the number written on it.

The second we jumped off the boat, a guy in a black t-shirt said that to stay on the island, we had to pay 100 bhat (2 Euros) each because it is a natural park. I read the ticket and it mentioned it was a "foreign tax."

Because the tide was on the high side, we had to wade in the water to get to Tup Island. The pictures we saw of the space between the two islands was a sandy beach.

I took the picture on Tup Island of the other long-tail boats waiting for the tourists to come back so they could go back to the mainland.

We brought fresh fruit with us, but when we arrived on the island, there was a small hut that had some food. We walked around the island a little bit, which does have a rock formation on one end that looks like a chicken head, and found a spot in the shade.

We had our own section of the beach to ourselves, so we could jump into the water and swim around without bumping into anyone. It was pleasant to get away from the Ao Nang beach, which was much more crowded. And, we noticed that on the islands, the sand is much finer and the water was even clearer.

We were sorry when 3 p.m. came around because it was time to go back to Ao Nang. We boarded the boat and went to the other two islands to pick up the others. The water was a bit choppy and on the way back as the long-tail boat went up and down. Water splashed into the boat and we all got wet.

We loved being on Chicken Island and felt almost overwhelmed by all the people when we arrived in Ao Nang. The beach was still crowded and people were walking around everywhere. We're hoping to go back to another island soon because it was much more tranquil.

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