Leaving Krabi

After being in Krabi for almost two weeks, I began to get used to going to the beach, seeing the water, going on excursions, eating Thai food, and walking around the streets of this seaside town. It wasn't until last Saturday that I truly missed Florence. I was changing the memory card in my camera and saw a film that I took of the scoppio del carro (explosion of the cart) on Easter Sunday in front of the Duomo. Suddenly, I felt a pang in my heart and missed Florence so much that I couldn't wait to get back. I was thinking about how I wanted to see the buildings, the streets, the people, the monuments, and the churches.

Living in Florence :: Leaving Krabi

We spent our last day in Krabi shopping and found a bunch of small stands where people were cooking pad thai, fried chicken, sticky rice, coconut steamed flans, fruit shakes, and fried pancakes from small stands that were attached to scooters. Many locals had also stopped to eat there, so we decided to eat lunch before heading back to our hotel.

We went to a few different stands where we bought different items. The woman who was making pad thai for Alessandro pointed out a table where we could sit down and eat. We sipped our fruit shakes while we watched people drive up on scooters and get food to go. I ate my sticky rice out of the plastic bag with the fried onions on top and nibbled on my fried chicken.

We walked along the streets and took a lot of photos so that I could remember the city a bit better: women riding scooters with three children, the food stands attached to the scooters, the long-tail boats, men standing outside tailor shops trying to lure us in, restaurants with outdoor tables, and tourists walking around in bathing suits.

I know that I have fond memories of our luna di miele (honeymoon) in Thailand and I look forward to coming back again. The sandy beaches, clear water, and lush greenery are the sites that I'll miss the most. I loved the food and especially the fresh fruit, like the mangoes.

I hope that we will return to Thailand, which will always be special to me because it is the first time I had ever traveled to Asia. There are things that I have experienced, visited, and seen in Thailand that I will carry with me everywhere I go.

One thing I truly loved about being in Thailand was that when I said thank you to someone, I would follow the Thai custom and put my hands together as if in prayer, bow my head and say, "Kop khun ka. (Thank you.)" It felt as if I was showing my appreciation and that it was well received by the locals. They seemed to appreciate it when tourists who followed their custom.

So, as we take off from Thailand, I clasp my hands together, bow my head and say, "Kop khun ka." I loved my time in this amazing country and hope that we will visit it again someday.

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