Primo maggio in the mountains

I love Florence so much that sometimes I don't even want to leave it. I was happy however when my suoceri (in-laws) asked me out to lunch for primo maggio (May 1st, which is Labor Day in Italy) to the same osteria (restaurant) we went to in Castagno d'Andrea for Easter. When we went there just about five weeks ago, it was snowing so I was hoping for clear skies and warmer weather. Unfortunately, it was raining when we left, but after lunch, the sky cleared and we all went for a walk.

Living in Florence :: Primo maggio in the mountains

After our abundant lunch with my suoceri and two other couples, we headed up a paved road for about an hour and a half through some beautiful countryside. Where we were isn't the typical Tuscan scenery that people imagine with the rolling hills, vineyards, and cypresses. Castagno d'Andrea is surrounded by forest and many chestnut trees.

I wasn't prepared for the walk because of the rainy weather this morning, but I did have my camera with me so that I could take a few pictures.

I was so happy walking around, chatting with everyone, and enjoying the view of the hilly mountains. As I walked I was trying to remember the last time I was walking in such an area and I couldn't even remember. I enjoyed seeing the wild flowers on the side of the road, the streams, and the blossoming trees.

It was incredibly peaceful for a holiday; we didn't run into many people on the way up or down the hill.

When we drove back to Florence, I began to miss the peaceful roads, chestnut trees, and clean air. The city streets were packed with tourists here for the long weekend, but I did feel happy to be back in Florence.

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