Giardino dell'Iris

On this sunny morning, I decided that I had to go to the Giardino dell'Iris (Iris Garden). I know that tomorrow is the last day and I'm afraid that the weather will change and then it won't be as pleasant. I asked Erin to join me after we had our colazione (breakfast) at Caffè Giacosa. We walked across the Ponte Vecchio, along via Bardi up the rampe in Piazza Poggi in the San Niccolò area and arrived at Piazzale Michelangiolo. We could see the Giardino dell'Iris from the street, but didn't know how to get in until we got to the top of the piazzale where we saw the entrance.

Living in Florence :: Giardino dell'Iris

We walked through the narrow woodsy area where the smell of flowers greeted us immediately. We walked around the giardino where we saw so many different colored and shaped iris flowers. It was fascinating to see so many iris flowers in one place, but at times it felt so overwhelming that I had to look away.

There were only a few people walking around and taking photos. We noticed two artists who were sketching while one woman was painting a watercolor of one of the fields of iris flowers.

My favorite part of the Giardino dell'Iris was seeing wild rose bushes entwined with the olive trees as well as the lily pond with a few iris flowers sprouting out of it as well.

I was so happy to have gone to the Giardino dell'Iris this morning because right after lunch the weather shifted and there was a huge downpour of rain. I browsed my photos on my computer and smiled at all the beautiful colors of the iris flowers. The next time, I'll try to go when they first open in the hopes that more of the flowers will be blossoming.

We tried to visit the Giardino delle Rose (Rose Garden) on the way down the stairs to San Niccolò, but I just couldn't see more beautiful flowers after seeing all the iris flowers. I'll definitely have to go back before the Giardino delle Rose closes in the next few weeks.

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