A remnant of the Festa della Repubblica

I had heard that the Camera di Commercio (Chamber of Commerce) had green and red lights on it that could be seen from across the Arno. Because our apartment is to the left of the building, I can't see the side that faces the Arno. Every night this week I told myself that I'd go out to see it. After going out with a few girlfriends for an aperitivo tonight, I finally had a chance to walk up to the front of the Camera di Commercio and look at the lights for myself.

Living in Florence :: A remnant of the Festa della Repubblica

Alessandro escorted me to the Ponte alle Grazie so I could take a few pictures. The weather these past few days has been quirky: it's generally clear in the morning and then a storm breaks out in the early evening. By the time we were walking along the Arno around 11 p.m., the sky had cleared up, but the sidewalks were still wet. The sweet-smelling air was crisp and cool. If I had dressed more warmly, I would've enjoyed staying outside even longer to circle around the Arno and walk across the Ponte Vecchio before arriving back at home.

I'm assuming the lights were for theFesta della Repubblica (Italy's national holiday) this last Monday because they weren't up before the festa (holiday).

I was so pleased to see the Camera di Commercio lit up along with the reflection on the Arno. There is something magical about Florence and the light reflecting on the Arno at night. I'd love to take more photos of my city at night so I can capture Florence when the lights are shimmering, few people are strolling around, and the city is about to fall asleep.

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