Biblioteca delle Oblate

Today I finally made it to the Biblioteca delle Oblate. A friend of mine wanted to show me the biblioteca (library) because I hadn't yet been. She raved to me about it, which only made me want to go even more. This morning we met up at a bar to have a caffè (coffee) and walked to the biblioteca together under the sunny, but cloudy sky.

Living in Florence :: Biblioteca delle Oblate

My friend showed me around the biblioteca to the different rooms. There was a small English-language section on the primo piano (first floor) that I perused. But, we decided to go up to the secondo piano (second floor) to sit out on the terrazza (terrace) that overlooks the Duomo.

Studenti (students) were sitting at tables, talking and studying together. Some had laptops that they were using to navigate the Internet with thanks to the Wi-Fi network available.

We sat and talked about writing and wrote a little bit together. It was a bit cooler than I would've liked, but we stayed for at least an hour.

I plan on going back again because it's a quiet space where I can go to read or write. Seeing another side of the Duomo was just a bonus, which I had to capture before we left.

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