Summery afternoons in October

The past few days we've been fortunate to have surprisingly warm weather. In the mornings and evenings the temperatures are low, but in the afternoon temperatures reach up to 27C (81F). For me, it's the best weather we've had all year: sunny days and cool evenings. Many people are confused as to how to dress because of the extremes we're having, but we all seem to find our way.

Living in Florence :: Summery afternoons in October

This morning, I walked outside and I was happy to be wearing a giubbotto (jacket) and a sciarpa (scarf) wrapped around my neck because in the shade it was cool. But later in the afternoon when I went to pick up my friend for lunch, I got so hot that I had to take off my giubbotto.

Because she had also left early in the morning and was dressed for fall, she changed her clothes to something more comfortable for the warmer weather. While I was waiting for my friend in her apartment, I looked out at the Arno from her window. I felt impelled to take a picture of the fiume (river) while the colors of the buildings were shimmering on the water because it was so beautiful. From my apartment, I see the fiume differently and it was nice to see it from this angle.

While we were walking to the restaurant, I looked at all the people that passed us by. Many tourists were wearing summer dresses and sandals, while the locals were sporting sweaters and pants, but holding onto their giubbotti and sciarpe like I was.

We're all enjoying the beautiful weather while it lasts. Many of us fear that the weather will change in one day as it tends to do here. But in the meantime, we dress a cipolla (in layers) to adapt to the extremes in the temperatures.

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