Sunny days and hope for spring

After almost a week of rain, it was a wonderful surprise to wake up to a beautiful and bright sun yesterday and today. Even the tulipani (tulips) that I bought earlier this week were happy and stuck toward the window to soak up even more sun. I felt happy to look out the window and see the sun shining on San Niccolò. I noticed that once the sun comes out, people tend to gravitate toward it.

Living in Florence :: Sunny days and hope for spring

I walked around in centro (downtown) today and was surprised by all the people walking around outside. I was happy to see the streets busier than they have been. On the café terrazze (terraces), people are no longer sitting in enclosed areas around gas heaters. They have taken off their coats and scarves are now facing the sun.

I love the change of weather because the colors of the buildings, especially when they reflect off the Arno river, are more vibrant. People even seem cheerier because of the sun that warms us up.

Like most people, I hope that spring is really on its way. It is one of my favorite seasons because it just fills everyone up with hope. Hope of warmer days, hope of new beginnings, and hope of better times.

I am happy to see my tulipani on the windowsill reach out toward the sun because that's what I feel we are all doing in our own way.

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