Fiorentina soccer match donates proceeds to Aquila

Alessandro and I weren't planning on going to yesterday's partita (soccer match) between the Fiorentina and Cagliari. However, when they announced that the proceeds would be donated to the people of Aquila after the devastating terremoto (earthquake), I ran out to buy tickets straightaway. Normally Alessandro buys the tickets for us, but he told me where to go to get them in Piazza della Repubblica, so I decided to walk over myself on Friday.

Living in Florence :: Fiorentina soccer match donates proceeds to Aquila

I thought that it'd be open by 10am, but the man didn't arrive until almost 10:30am. While waiting outside, he turned to us all and said, "Solo residenti in Toscana. Only residents in Tuscany." I had my carta d'identit (identity card) as well as Alessandro's so that we could buy tickets. They now require some personal identification card to enter the stadio (stadium).

Alessandro parked the car in front of his parent's place and we walked over to the stadio. I decided to bring my macchina fotografica (camera) because it was a beautiful day and I knew we had pretty good seats too.

Before the beginning of the partita, I called two of our friends: Massimiliano and Filippo to try to find them in the Curva Fiesole (Fiesole area of the stadium). I was able to spot them and take pictures of each of them. They don't know each other, but they were only sitting about ten seats away from one another.

When the calciatori (soccer players) stood on the campo (field) before starting, there was a minute of silence for the people in Aquila. In the Curva Fiesole, the tifosi (fans) put up a long banner that said, "Perdere casa e affetti significa perdere tutto...popolo d'Abruzzo ci stringiamo al vostro lutto. Losing one's house and belongings means losing everything...people of Abruzzo we hold you in our mourning."

After a stressful primo tempo (first half), we stood up to stretch out our legs. The mood was rather somber as no one scored on either side. I was still filled with hope and couldn't wait for the secondo tempo (second half) to begin.

We all simultaneously jumped out of our seats when the Fiorentina finally scored its first goal. And when another player, Vargas, ran toward the porta (goal) and scored we jumped up and cheered.

My favorite part is when the entire stadio sang the songs like "Forza Viola! Go Viola!" I don't know all the words, but the tune always makes me smile.

At the end of the partita, the portiere (goalkeeper), Frey, walked toward where we were standing and blew a kiss to us. It wasn't until he left the campo that people filed out of the stadio.

Our friend Massimiliano met up with us outside of the stadio and we talked about the partita. He told me that per scaramanzia (for luck), I now have to go to the next home partita because the last two that I went to, the Fiorentina won. And he has to keep wearing his white giubotto (jacket) because he has worn it the last few partite as well. So in two weeks, we'll be back at the stadio. I'm hoping to be in the Curva Fiesole for once because Massimiliano's friend has a abbonamento (season ticket) and he'll be out of town.

I was happy to hear today that the sales of the tickets for the partita tripled after the announcement that the proceeds would be donated to the people of Aquila. I was very proud of my city, its tifosi, and the Fiorentina for their generous spirits.

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