Our visit to the Florida everglades

When researching about what to do in Miami Beach, I saw that we could visit the Florida everglades. The hotel had a brochure on it and organized everything for us. We were picked up in front of the hotel at 8 am. The bus took us around to a couple of other hotels to pick up some more people. We arrived at the Florida everglades a couple of hours later and were quickly ushered to an airboat. We sprayed ourselves with mosquito-repellent after the tour guide warned us of mosquitoes.

Living in Florence :: Our visit to the Florida everglades

The boat slowly took us out to the everglades where the boat eventually sped up to 30-40 miles an hour. We glided over the water to see the vast everglades. I enjoyed it when we stopped in the middle where there was no noise around us. Just miles and miles of flat swampy land. When we were going slow in the everglades, the tour guide pointed out a few alligators. Some were large while others were tiny.

After the airboat ride, there was an alligator wrestling show. I liked seeing the alligators and was amazed to see the man who put his hand in the animal's mouth. It snapped shut so quickly when he touched any part of its mouth that it frightened most of us.

We were both hoping to see other animals, but there was only a peacock walking around with her chicks.

While we waited to get back on the bus to go back to our hotel, some people enjoyed deep-fried frog legs and alligator nuggets. I wasn't hungry and even though I normally like anything fried, the platter didn't appear that tasty to me.

I was quite impressed with the everglades because they are so vast. The tour guide told us that just a few weeks ago, the water level was much lower. It was hard to believe seeing as how much water there was today.

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