The first of October

When I peeked my head out the window this morning, I saw that the weather had changed just a little. A few weeks ago, we had a couple of cool days, then some rain, and just last week the sun came back out and the temperatures were warm all over again. When I opened the persiane (shutters), it was cool and low clouds were scattered across the sky. For me it was a sign of the beginning of my favorite season, autunno (fall).

Living in Florence :: The first of October

In the late afternoon before the sun set, I grabbed my macchina fotografica (camera) and walked along the Arno toward Ponte alle Grazie. I could see the reflection of the river below our apartment, but I knew that with the dim sunlight, the view would be even better across the Ponte alle Grazie on my side of the Arno, facing San Niccolò. The picture I took is of Palazzo Serristori with San Miniato and the statue of David in Piazziale Michelangiolo above. I love the soft colors and the reflection of Palazzo Serristori on the Arno: its two shades of orange are bright enough to stick out, but don't do so too garishly.

Right after I took a few foto (photos), it began to sprinkle. I didn't have an ombrello (umbrella) in my bag, so I walked down via dei Benci and turned up via dei Neri to take a few more photos of Palazzo Vecchio at the end of the street. What I liked most about this time of day were the shop lights glowing out into the street.

I went to see my ortolano (greengrocer) and picked up some fruits and vegetables. I can always tell the season has changed for good when some the fruits that I was buying just a few days ago are no longer available. The pesche noci (nectarines) are finished for the year and now we're on to uva (grapes) of all different types.

I carried my bag of fruits and vegetables and walked on the sidewalk to keep from getting wet. The roofs of the buildings stick out so much that it's not even necessary to have an ombrello.

After getting back home, I looked out the window again to see that the sun had already set and the street lights were just coming on. Autunno is definitely here with its cooler temperatures and shorter days. I hope I'll have more time to take foto of my beloved city to capture it in what I consider its best light.

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