Una passeggiata in centro

After having a caffè (coffee) with a girlfriend this morning, I went for a passeggiata (walk) around centro (downtown). I don't go in centro on the weekends because the streets are usually crowded. I had been wanting to take foto (photos) for a while because we've had clear blue skies this entire week. A few times this last week, I had been walking around and regretted not having my macchina fotografica (camera). I slowed down my usually fast pace to take in the details of buildings and enjoy the city.

Living in Florence :: Una passeggiata in centro

I brought my macchina fotografica with me today and headed toward via Calzaiuoli. When I looked toward the Duomo while standing at the corner of via del Corso, I saw a sea of people coming toward me so I headed toward Piazza della Signoria.

I walked to Orsanmichele in hopes of going inside, but they were having messa (mass). I walked around the chiesa (church) and noticed a few other people, mostly tourists, with macchine fotografiche in their hand or around their neck ready to take foto. Many of the negozi (shops) on and around via Calzaiuoli were open and I was tempted to walk inside to look around a few of them, but decided instead to stay outside and check out the vetrine (shop windows).

When I arrived in Piazza della Signoria, the chilly breeze persuaded me to walk in the sun to keep warm. Two horse-drawn carriages were empty with their conducenti (drivers) sitting in front, bundled up in their giubbotti (jackets) while basking in the sun.

There were large groups being led by accompagnatori turistici (tour guides) in the piazza. I first thought of going toward the fontana (fountain), but was drawn by the sunlight on the statua (statue) of Perseus in the Loggia dei Lanzi. I took the foto here when I stood underneath it to catch the sunlight gently streaming in behind.

I walked up the steps of the Loggia dei Lanzi to walk among the statue (statues). It was even colder in the shade with the wind whipping around me, but I still took a few more foto.

I eventually made my way down toward the Fontana del Nettuno and took a couple of foto, but there were so many people around it that I couldn't get a good shot.

I would've liked to have navigated the piazza a bit more, but I wasn't dressed warm enough to do so. I was happy with a few of the foto that I took, so I decided to head home. It felt odd to walk away from all the crowds down to via dei Neri, which was practically deserted with most of the negozi closed.

I love taking foto of my beloved city at different times of the day, at different angles, and in different seasons. Florence's beauty is never ending and I enjoy capturing it whenever I'm inspired to do so.

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