Another vantage point

I realized today that I'm a creature of habit: I walk down the same streets and go to the same areas. Today, however, I went to see a friend of mine at her office. I walked down via del Sole, hopping up and down the marciapiede (sidewalk) while other people were coming toward me. When I saw the chiesa (church) Santa Maria Novella, I was surprised to see it without the impalcatura (scaffolding) on its facciata (fašade). I've been past it only a few times in the last year, but either at night or without my macchina fotografica (camera). Even though I was running a little late, I stopped to take a few quick foto (photos).

Living in Florence :: Another vantage point

I had thought that today's blog entry would be about the chiesa until I saw the view from my friend's office. I didn't notice it at first because the shades were down and the sunlight was streaming in. When she pulled up the shades and opened the window, I was pleased to see the two cupole (domes) in a row: San Lorenzo and the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore).

I realized today that I rarely see San Lorenzo's cupola or even look for it. And from this vantage point, I saw just how beautiful it was with its large windows right under the cupola. I especially loved how the rooftops of the buildings nei paraggi (in the neighborhood) are all the same color and seem to lend to the beauty of the two cupole as if they were similar, but obviously much grander.

I haven't been able to get out much lately, but my wish is to make a point of exploring other streets and new pockets of my city because I realize that beauty is all around. I just need to open my eyes to see it.

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