A rainy Pasquetta

Today is luned́ dell’Angelo (Easter Monday) or Pasquetta, which is a holiday in Italy. Many of the shops on via dei Neri were closed, but the streets were just as busy as yesterday. It was an odd weekend with some of the musei (museums) being closed on Sunday, and others were closed today. It started to rain yesterday afternoon while I was having Easter lunch with my suoceri (in-laws). The rain persisted throughout the evening and continued for most of today. I’m happy that I had a chance to go out on Sunday morning to take some foto (photos) because I couldn't take any today.

Living in Florence :: A rainy Pasquetta

This afternoon, I looked through my foto and smiled when I saw the one I took in the little giardino (garden) in Piazza Demidoff. I love tulips, and the colors in the foto fill me with the hope of spring. I’ve only taken a couple of foto of this giardino, but I enjoy seeing it each time I walk by. I especially admire the statues that dominate the area and make the giardino even more special.

I’m looking forward to spring with its sunny skies and warmer weather. I love extra holidays like today when the city pauses one extra day before starting up on Tuesday.

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