My first photo safari

A professional American photographer, Jenn, emailed me through my blog to ask about getting together for a photo safari. I was excited about the idea even though I rarely do such things with other people. In a sense, I知 a bit of a loner. I like to walk around by myself and let my curiosity and joy lead me through the streets. I like getting drawn to different things and capturing them in a foto (photo). Sometimes beauty jumps out and grabs me and I try to seize the moment to keep a memory of it for me.

Living in Florence :: My first photo safari

We met at Vivoli for a caff and chatted before heading out. I enjoyed talking to her about Florence and photography. I found out that she enjoys taking foto of people while I usually shy away from that. I take foto of the expats for my articles in The Florentine.

Because of her interest, I took her around to some of the shops where I致e become friends with the shopkeepers on via dei Neri. We went to see my ortolano (greengrocer) first. He was a little shy at first, but did, as Jenn said he would, relax a little bit after the first few shots. I even took a photo of my ortolano.

I took her behind the Uffizi to via Lambertesca then along the Arno toward Ponte alla Carraia. She had already been to all the picturesque spots for wonderful views like Piazzale Michelangiolo and the Giardino Bardini. I wanted to take her to San Frediano, which is, some say, the heart of Florence.

I only took a few foto because I was more concentrated on our discussions and on her taking some good shots. I find it痴 difficult to find something to take a picture of because I知 so used to just allowing something inspire me.

We decided to have lunch together so I joined her in picking up some foto that she took and dropping them off to the different people in the mercato (market). The people痴 faces lit up when they saw her foto of them. It was truly amazing how happy there were by Jenn痴 foto.

I enjoyed my time with Jenn and learned a bit about taking foto of people. I find it interesting how we were brought together by our love of Florence and photography, and started a friendship. It壇 be great to meet up with her on her next trip to Florence for another chat and photo safari.

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