Early summer evening along the Arno

Alessandro and I took a walk along the Arno this evening. He wanted to take a passeggiata (stroll) around town to enjoy the evening while I wanted to take some foto (pictures). From via dei Leoni, we walked through the Palazzo Vecchio, which is now open on all four sides of the building, and exited on the other side to arrive in Piazza della Signoria. The streets were crowded, but the weather was so wonderful that it was a joy to be outside. The sun was shining and keeping us warm, while a cool breeze blew past us.

Living in Florence :: Early summer evening along the Arno

The colors were vibrant and everything radiated in the evening sun. I wanted to take foto of everything I saw, but ended up only taking a few. It was just so pleasant to stroll the streets and enjoy the early evening without trying to capture anything specific.

After walking down via Calzaiuoli to the Duomo, we strolled down via Roma to arrive at the lungarno (street along the Arno) in front of Ponte Vecchio. Instead of crossing the ponte (bridge), we stopped along the Arno to take a few foto.

I preferred this foto of the Ponte Vecchio where the long shadows on the Arno expose the colors of the fiume (river). The Ponte Vecchio is always picturesque although with the impalcatura (scaffolding) still on it, I tend to not take many foto of the Ponte Vecchio or at least foto where you canít see it.

The past few days in Florence have been perfect: sunny days, cool air, and colors so crisp that you canít help but snap a few foto. Iím incrociando le dita (crossing my fingers) that August will be the same because it is such a joy to stroll the streets at any time of day, especially in the early evenings.

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