Statues on the ponte

What I love about Florence is that beauty is all around. You donít have to pay to see it; itís free for the taking. It is not just in the musei (museums) and chiese (churches), but also along the fiume (river), in the streets, and on the ponti (bridges). I like most of the statue (statues) in town, and really love the ones on the Ponte Santa Trinita bridge. Iíve tried to take photos many times before, but today I finally took a photo that I liked.

Living in Florence :: Statues on the ponte

This morning, I was walking over Ponte Santa Trinita with my macchina fotografica (camera) and noticed how Giovanni Cacciniís statua ďAutunnoĒ (Autumn) looked with the bright orange building behind it. I found it so beautiful that I couldnít help but take a photo of it.

I always wondered why the two male statue were on the Oltrarno side while the two female statue were on the other side so I did some research. I found out that each statua represents a different season. The two female statue are estate (summer) and primavera (spring) while the two male ones are autunno (autumn) and inverno (winter).

While the Ponte Vecchio is crowded in the summer, I usually walk along the narrow sidewalk on Lungarno Acciauoli to reach the Ponte Santa Trinitŗ to get to the Santo Spirito area. Besides being a little less crowded, I especially love the view of the Ponte Vecchio from Ponte Santa Trinita. For me, the four statue represent not only an appreciation of the seasons, but of life itself.

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