Enjoying a day of sun

After spending an entire day at the mare (seaside) in the rain yesterday, I couldn’t wait to walk around Florence this morning under the clear, blue sky. We were cold and wet most of the day yesterday and saw the sun for about half an hour while we visited friends near Viareggio. So today I made a point of enjoying a day of sun while we still have some since our weather has been a bit iffy lately. Instead of the usual scorching heat we usually have in August, we’ve enjoyed mostly cool days with some intermittent rain.

Living in Florence :: Enjoying a day of sun

When I walked outside, I could tell that the city was quieter in some respects, but also busier for the ferragosto (mid-August holiday). I walked down the lungarno (street along the Arno) toward the Ponte Vecchio. The sidewalks were so packed that the crowds spilled out onto the streets. Many of the negozi (shops) were closed, but people still looked at the vetrine (shop windows).

Instead of continuing down the lungarno, I turned onto via Por Santa Maria right and headed toward Piazza Repubblica. I watched the clouds pass overhead and move in the direction of the Duomo. I had hoped to catch a fluffy cloud as it hung above the Duomo.

I walked to Piazza di San Giovanni and admired the Duomo and the battistero (baptistery). I walked to the back of the Duomo and took some photos. There were a lot of people around and I felt as though it wasn’t the right time to enjoy the Duomo.

I decided to walk to Santa Maria Novella where I haven’t been to take photos in a while. The chiesa (church) was delightful to see with the sun hitting its facciata (façade). After taking a few photos, I walked down via dei Fossi until I reached Ponte alla Carraia.

I can’t help but be enamored with the Arno and the ponti (bridges). I walked along the lungarno and took some photos of which the one I posted here was my favorite. I was happy to catch Ponte Santa Trinita without anyone or any car passing by. I love how the buildings along the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio can be seen just slightly. This ponte (bridge) is probably my favorite to walk across and to see from afar.

Instead of being content with my photo, I walked down lungarno and turned down via dei Benci to reach Santa Croce. I stood in the middle of the piazza and enjoyed the view of the chiesa (church). It was nice to bask in the sun and feel it seep through my clothes and warm me up.

I enjoyed my time outside this morning, taking in my city. I liked my time at the mare, but I did miss the sun.

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