Autumn is coming

Summer seems to be incredibly long since a few shops are still closed. Because many tour groups are still visiting the main attractions in town, I ventured farther out to take in my city under the clear blue skies and warm, no longer hot, sun. I strolled down a few shady one-way backstreets with narrow sidewalks toward Piazza Santa Trinita.

Living in Florence :: Autumn is coming

When I reached the piazza, I decided to head back toward the sun and walked down Lungarno Corsini in the direction of Le Cascine. I knew I wasnít going to walk down that far, but I enjoyed the wide and almost empty sidewalk. After the rain we had yesterday, I couldnít wait to walk around in the sun today to take some photos. With the changes in weather, I like to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

I snapped a few photos along my way to Ponte alla Carraia. Instead of continuing straight down the Arno, I crossed the ponte (bridge) and walked to Piazza del Carmine. I didnít have plans to go there, but found myself intrigued by certain streets and just turned down them. I continued along until I arrived at Ponte Vespucci. I love the cascata (cascade) in the Arno. Even though the level of water wasnít that high, the cascata is always a joy for me to see and listen to. I stood on the ponte with the sun on my face for at least fifteen minutes.

This photo shows my favorite view from this ponte. I love seeing the rushing Arno, the many ponte along the river, the palazzi (buildings), and San Miniato on top the low hill in the background.

With the cooler weather weíre having and autumn about to arrive, the streets will soon be emptier and Iíll be able to walk freely around my beloved city to take more photos. I always enjoy walking around my city, but I feel itís even more pleasurable when itís a little quieter.

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