Capturing a special moment in my beloved city

On a whim, I brought along my camera on my walk up to the Piazzale Michelangiolo this morning. The skies were grey and the possibility for rain was high, but I still wanted to take my camera with me. Itís not something I do often, but once in a while I feel the desire to take some pictures along my walk. Today when I made it to Piazzale Michelangiolo, I was rewarded by one of the most colorful and stunning views Iíve seen in a long time.

Living in Florence :: Capturing a special moment in my beloved city

The last time I had my camera with me at the piazzale was the day after it snowed. I took a few pictures of this same view, but the colors werenít as vibrant as they were today. The view, of course, is always the same, but for me what makes it special are the colors I see.

As I said the other day, I walk up to the piazzale quite often and admire this view each time. A few times I wished that I had my camera with me, but itís hard to know if itíll be worth it because the light and colors I see looking up at the piazzale are not the same as those I see looking down from the piazzale.

My daily walks arenít just pleasing to my eye, but for my entire body and soul, so I rarely bring my camera with me. On the days when I feel the desire to do so, like today, I have felt very pleased.

The other day this week that Iíve looked down this week, I wouldnít have taken a photo of the view. Either it was drizzly, or there was a haze hovering above the city and all the colors seemed muted. For me, the color of the Arno in this picture is special, just like the yellow haze hovering in the background. I knew the minute I saw this view of the city that it would look even better in a photo. And I was right.

Occasions when the weather and light accentuate the beauty and charm of the city happen by chance, and arenít times that can be planned.

I am happy to have captured this view and taken a photo of it. I am even happier that I get to share it with other people because, for me, it was spectacular. What I really enjoy about this picture is that when I look at it, I can feel the magic of my beloved city reaching out to me.

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