Impossible to remain stagnant

Today I walked through Piazza Santissima Annunziata and stood for a few minutes in the piazza. I looked at my old building and was surprised to realize that itís been four years since I moved out of it. My life changed quickly that year, and even though I had to make difficult decisions, they were certainly the right ones for me. I have come to realize that Florence isnít a city where I can be stagnant. And I have a feeling the same is true for others who come to live here as well.

Living in Florence :: Impossible to remain stagnant

For such a small and provincial city, Florence doesnít seem to allow a person to stand still. Ever since the beginning of the year, Iíve been experiencing some major shifts in my life. Fortunately, nothing related to my husband, family, or close friends, but more in other parts of my life. Iím happy now with the changes, and still experiencing others--letting things go and opening myself up for new things to come to me. All change is good even though it is the teetering stage that is always the most difficult.

While I walked from Piazza Santissima Annunziata toward the Duomo, and back home, I realized that even though the city keeps nudging me to grow and become my true self, the city does give me some stability. The stability it does provide is in its beauty. I took this photo as a reminder to me that no matter how much my life has changed, this view has always, and will always, remain the same.

When I walked by the statue, I imagined myself on top of the horse with Ferdinando I deí Medici about to head toward the Duomo. For me, this statue depicts his bravery, confidence, and sureness of his path. All the things that I too must have for my own path.

When I reached the Duomo, I always feel its strength. For me, it represents the strength to keep forging ahead. Even with all the changes whirling around me, the city is my sanctuary. Florenceís consistent beauty is like a pillar in my life. No matter what is going on, I can always be assured that it will remain unchanged.

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