Rekindling my love for Florence

If the romance disappears, love can certainly fade. At least that’s what I believe. Florence may be my home, but I can’t let the romance or love fade by not showing my beloved city some love. After visiting Tuscany on Thursday and Friday with my beau, I wanted to spend the rest of our time together enjoying Florence. These last three days, I took my beau around town to visit my favorite chiese (churches), musei (museums), trattorie/ristoranti (restaurants), and bars (cafés). When I get the chance to visit my beloved city as a tourist, I definitely feel myself open up and appreciate her even more.

Living in Florence :: Rekindling my love for Florence

The first time, my beau came to Florence back in October, I took him to the main sites that no one should miss, like the Uffizi and the Duomo. This time, however, I wanted to take him to some of my favorites. The first museo we visited was the Bargello. I love the Sala di Michelangelo e della scultura del Cinquecento where some of the most fascinating sculptures are on display. When I saw the replicas of three of Michelangelo’s statues, I got the idea that we should visit the Cappelle Medicee where Michelangelo’s statues are located.

Before we visited the Cappelle Medicee, I took my beau to San Lorenzo where we bought some Tuscan wine and fruit. When we walked past a stand in the mercato (market) that was making calamari fritti (fried calamari), we couldn’t resist and ordered a piatto (plate).

It was amazing to see the statues that Michelangelo created especially after seeing the copies at the Bargello. At that moment, another idea came to me: we should go to the Accademia to see the David. We walk past the copy almost every day in Piazza della Signoria, so why not see the original?

I must admit that seeing David at the Accademia is an experience like no other. While the copy is beautiful, the original is breathtaking. Standing below it and admiring it from every angle, I could almost feel the passion that Michelangelo had when he sculpted David. The statue is so infused with energy that I almost thought that David would at some moment just move.

I enjoyed showing off Florence to my beau. I’m sure that my love for my beloved city is rubbing off on him. Even though I know the city quite well, I am always open to learn more, see more, and appreciate more. Just like with a loved one: there is always more to discover and appreciate.

At one of the shops we went to, however, one of the commesse (salesgirls) told us that “Firenze č noiosa. (Florence is boring.)” My first reaction was to defend my beloved city, but then I remembered something my mother told me when I was a child, “If you are bored then you are the one who is boring.” I almost wanted to take her by the hand and show her the magnificent city that she was born in. I felt a twinge of sadness when we left the shop, but maybe her heart isn’t in Florence, just like mine wasn’t in California.

My heart is definitely at home within the confines of the walls of my beloved city. I feel at home here and nothing can change that. Even though I feel as if I appreciate my beloved city a lot, I know that sometimes a little romance is necessary to keep the love alive. My days as a tourist were fabulous, but I continue to appreciate her when I am here and when I am away.

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