Embracing the hope of a new day

At 7am this morning, I opened up my shutters and got excited when I saw the vibrant pink, light blue, and gold sky. I stood gazing out at the sky, but buildings blocked my view. I debated for about a minute whether I was really going to go outside or not. I really wanted to, but I hadnít even had my tea yet and was just waking up. I looked out again at the sky and I just couldnít resist going outside. I threw on my sweats, grabbed a jacket, laced up my sneakers, and raced out the door.

Living in Florence :: Embracing the hope of a new day

Iím a firm believer in following my heart and sometimes itís not all that convenient. I wouldíve preferred snuggling up in bed with my hot tea and do my morning writing, but I felt as if I really needed to seize the moment.

I jogged to the Ponte alle Grazie where the sky was still rosy and San NiccolÚ was still in the dark. One photographer was standing on the other side of the ponte (bridge) waiting to take a shot of the Ponte Vecchio while I was peering out at the mountains waiting for the sun to rise above them.

As I stood there, I heard a handful of people walking behind me as well as cars and motorini (scooters) whizzing over the ponte. I watched the birds fly low over the almost still Arno and just let my thoughts wander.

While I love to watch sunsets and itís a time when I pause and honor the day that has passed. I realized this morning that the sunrise was a unique time for me to embrace the day to arrive, fill myself up with hope, and set my intentions not only for the day, but also for my life. I have practiced much more acceptance and appreciation and now itís time for me to practice embracing hope.

As soon as the sun peeked up over the mountains, it was so strong that I could no longer look at it. I crossed the ponte and stood next to the photographer to take a few photos of the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio, which was basking in the golden light.
Living in Florence, Italy :: Embracing the hope of a new day

I love how moments like these canít be planned. I am so fortunate to have captured this morningís sunrise because it reminded me that I have to not only follow my heart, but also to make an effort to heed its call even if itís not what I want to do in the moment. As soon as I returned home, I published one of my sunrise photos on Instagram. Itís wonderful to think that other people in different parts of the world will see this morningís sunrise from Florence and that they will hopefully feel the joy that I felt while I was standing on the ponte to watch it.

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