Florence's beauty is love

Beauty is not just pleasing to the eye; itís also pleasing to the heart and soul. Iím fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it isnít enough for me to just fall asleep and wake up in Florence every day. I do my best to take the time to walk around Florence so that I can admire and appreciate her every day. I always carry my iPhone in my pocket so that Iím ready to take a picture the moment I see something that inspires me. Inevitably a lot inspires me and I take a lot of pictures on my walks.

Living in Florence :: Florence's beauty is love

For me, beauty is not just something I see, but rather something I feel inside. It is something I breathe in, cherish, and hold in my heart. What I love most about Florence is that there is no end to discovering all the beauty that she holds. I enjoy seeing how the city changes in the varying light, in each season, and at different times of the day.

I have many favorite views of Florence that usually include the Arno. I, of course, love sunrises and sunsets because they cast such a wonderful light on the city that lasts for only a few moments. Admiring and appreciating my beloved cityís beauty is like holding a diamond up to the light to admire each and every facet.

For me love and beauty are synonymous. Without love, there is no beauty and without beauty, there is no love.

Even though there might be less desirable things to look at around town, I only glance at them. I know that they should not be eliminated completely because they serve a purpose: to remind me to appreciate beauty even more.

Almost every day that I am in Florence, I try to share a photo of my beloved city on Instagram. It is my way of sending love notes to my beloved city. Each one says the same thing, ďI enjoy my time with you, I admire you, and I love you. Thanks to you, my heart sings.Ē

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