The Duomo emanates love

Whenever I walk through Giardino Bardini and Giardino delle Rose, down certain streets like via dellíOriuolo or via dei Servi, in the middle of the Ponte Vecchio, or even along certain sections of the Arno, Iím always delighted when I spot the Duomo. I donít make a point of searching for the Duomo, but when I see it, I canít help but smile. Catching a glimpse of the Duomo, especially from afar, is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Living in Florence :: The Duomo emanates love

I only realized my penchant for taking photos of the Duomo recently while I was perusing my photos on Instagram. Some people might find it boring to see numerous photos of the Duomo from different locations or angles, but I am thrilled every time I see it.

The other day, I enjoyed seeing the Duomo from Forte di Belvedere because the fortress is only open a couple of months a year. Itís such a treat to see an unhindered view of the Duomo. Every time I take an airplane, I always make a point of sitting on the side of the plane where I can admire the Duomo from afar to say hello and goodbye.

A part of why I enjoy seeing the Duomo so much is because I consider the Duomo to be Florenceís center. Not Florenceís historical or actual center, but rather her heart. The Duomo is the symbol of my beloved cityís passion, creativity, and love.

Iím sure I will continue placing the Duomo at the center of a photo if Iím fortunate to catch sight of it. From now on, when I publish a photo of the Duomo, I will be thinking about how Florenceís love is transmitted to those who see the photo much like how the sun emanates its light.

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