Sushi night

Tonight we went to my friend Simone's restaurant for sushi. They have a Japanese sushi chef that works here every Wednesday. Dave and I were a bit hesitant since the best sushi we ever had was near our house at Mikuni's. But, it's been almost a month since we've had sushi and Adriana and her boyfriend Alberto wanted to come and we never say no to sushi.

We arrived at 9PM for dinner. We walked in the rain all the way to "Il Canapone," which is about 1 1/2 miles from our house. We grazed all the buildings so we wouldn't get wet, but when we arrived, our jackets were soaked anyway.

Adriana was already there and we all had a secco (dry champagne). When Alberto arrived, she introduced me as the "americana che parla italiano perfettamente." (the American girl who speaks Italian perfectly.) Now, I had to be even more careful when speaking Italian--as if one could be more vigilant. There were only a few people in the restaurant, but it filled up quickly after. It was their first time to eat Japanese food and their second time at Simone's restaurant.

Adriana is from Milan and is the one who helped us find our first apartment and helped us with all the paperwork for Simone's place. Alberto has Sicilian origins, but has lived in Florence most of his life.

We all started with a plate of sushi and then ordered a main dish. It was more like an Italian meal, where you eat pasta first and then have a meat dish. Alberto loved the ginger and so I offered mine to him. I was fed too much ginger while I was growing up, so I just don't like it any more.

We spoke mostly in Italian while Adriana and I translated for Dave in English. I know it must be hard for Dave, who is inundated with so much Italian. It gets tiring to pay attention to every word and try to understand just the subject of the conversation.

We had a lot of fun together and planned to see each other again for a Sicilian meal, which we're looking forward to. I've never been to Sicily and only know cannoli, which is a typical Sicilian dessert.

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